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A cookie is a small text file recorded on your device when you visit a website. Cookies help to identify your device. Cookies are used to store status information when you browse different pages of a website or return to the website at a later time. Cookies do not contain any personal information nor they can be used to run programs or infect your computer with viruses.


1. Part One Cookies and Third Party Cookies

Cookies that we send to your device via our website are called first-party cookies. First-party cookies are cookies that belong to the website that created them. The use of such cookies allows us to operate the website efficiently and to trace the behaviour of visitors to the website. We also allow third parties to send cookies to your device. The difference between a first-party cookie and a third-party cookie concerns the control by the person who sends the cookie. Even if we allow third parties to access the website to send cookies to your device, we do not have control over the information provided by cookies and we do not have access to such data.

2. Session cookies and persistent cookies

Our website may send session and persistent cookies to your device. While the difference between a first-party cookie and a third-party cookie concerns the subject who controls the initial sending of the cookie on your device, the difference between a session cookie and a persistent cookie concerns the different period of time in which a cookie operates. Session cookies are cookies that typically last until you close your internet browser. When you finish your browser session, the cookie expires. Persistent cookies, as the same name indicates, are consistent cookies and continue to operate after you have closed your browser. This allows faster and easier access to our website. For example, a persistent cookie that our website reads from your device is the language chosen for navigation. After sending the cookie, this allows you to be automatically redirected to the website with the language of your future access to the website.

3. Cookies and Other Technologies

Our website can send you cookies and similar technologies in different ways and for different purposes. Typically, these include:
• To simplify your use of our website and our services;
• To monitor, analyse and improve the functioning and efficiency of our website and services;
It is our intention to be transparent and clear about the conditions and purpose of our use of cookies and other technologies.


If you wish to block the use of cookies, you must change the permissions in your browser settings.
Learn more about how to manage cookies in your browser:

If you block cookies in your browser, your device will not be tracked when you visit our website. Please note, however, that by blocking cookies, you may also block certain features of our website and thus prevent them from working properly.


In this category cookies are recorded on the visitor’s device to ensure the proper functioning of the website. These cookies are used to store visitor preferences (e.g. language, destination, etc.) or to store products added to a shopping cart.

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In this category cookies are used to collect data on how to use the website, so that the web team can optimize it.
The collected data are used mainly internally and therefore not usually shared with third parties.

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