we have always guaranteed commitment and quality

NM Technology S.p.A is UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015. certified. Thanks to its valid qualitymanagement system, NM Technology S.p.A offers to its customers a certifiedguarantee of its products and production processes.
This certification attests that allthe activities carried out by our Company reflect the international standards used forQuality Management Systems published by the International Organization forStandardization (ISO).
We therefore proudly announce that this recognition is attributable to our continuouscommitment to the search for the best possible quality to offer to our customers. Despite the achievement of this goal, the quality management system is constantlygrowing, in order to bring our products to every market and maintain a high quality standard.
ISO 9001:2015
Our company vaunts compliance with the standards established by the internationalstandard ISO 9001: 2015. We have always involved the members of our work team,dedicating and providing our customers with attention and quality products.
Quality Management System
Our certification is also part of the agreement between international conformity assessment bodies.
The company pays the utmost attention to the customer's requests and expectations,to the requirements of the applicable rules and regulations and to the continuousimprovement of the organization and satisfaction of the customer and interestedparties. The company believes it is important to convey the customer's needs and thecogent requirements in the product made.
It is therefore imperative that every employee be involved in achieving the goals. It isequally important to promote continuous improvement in processes, products andservices. It is therefore necessary to involve all employees in achieving the qualityobjectives: competence, awareness, involvement and motivation of the personnel areconsidered factors of success of the company.
The Management periodically checks that this policy is appropriate for the purposesand the business context, implemented and shared at every level of the organizationby establishing objectives of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
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