NM TECHNOLOGY SpA Tankers and equipment
for the transport of liquids
NM TECHNOLOGY SpA Aircraft Refuellers NM TECHNOLOGY SpA Hydrant Servicers
Innovation and technology
NM TECHNOLOGY SpA takes these values to heart and, through them, addresses the market with aircraft refuellers, tankers, tank-containers, swap bodies for the transport of liquid and airport support equipment.

NM TECHNOLOGY SpA stands for quality and reliability in the field of industrial vehicles and special equipment. More and more customers are choosing the quality and technology of our products.
Your needs and our experience allow us to satisfy every different need: each project represents a starting point not to stop growing and innovating.
We manufacture tanks for aircraft refuellers, tankers, tank-containers, swap bodies for the transport of liquids, in special equipment and in vehicles and equipment for aircraft refuelling.

offers worldwide

NM TECHNOLOGY SpA addresses both the national market and European and non-European countries where our agents and our representatives follow customers at every stage, ensuring the commercial, technical and after-sale assistance.

Support and assistance services for installations and vehicles

NM TECHNOLOGY SpA employs a team of highly specialized technicians in order to provide an excellent quality and rapid service. All the necessary operations are carried out according to national and international regulations to ensure the efficiency of the vehicles.
We offer assistance and support to our customers if they need to take action at
their premises.
We carry out maintenance and repairs of all kinds. We offer spare parts on
products made in the past by NUOVA MANARO.
Our qualified technical staff ensures the commissioning of vehicles at the
costumers’ premises.

Customized Solutions for the Customers

We design tankers and tank containers for liquid transport, offering airport support equipment.

technological evolution of NUOVA MANARO

NM TECHNOLOGY SpA has taken over NUOVA MANARO’s bankruptcy with a whole new company, acquiring the entire establishment and all the equipment in being.
NM TECHNOLOGY SpA also points out that it is the current owner of the brand NUOVA MANARO, a trademark registered and recognized all over the world. Our establishment is equipped with the most modern facilities for a state-of-the-art production, as it comes from decades of experience in the sector.
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